Xirlink Veo Connect/Advanced Connect User Manual

Page 47

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3) Search for a program named “cleanup” on your computer. The icon should

look like this . Double-click it to run the cleanup. Press Scan and Delete
to entirely clean up the previous installation of the camera.
4) After the cleanup program has completed, press the Exit button.
5) Uninstall the Veo Connect/Advanced Connect software. (Start > Settings
> Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Veo Connect/Advanced Con-
) and restart the computer.
6) Reinstall the Veo camera software, restart the computer, and plug in the
7) Try launching the Veo camera application again.
8) If this does not work, there could possibly be mismatched versions of the
Windows system files. Replace the mismatched files with the files from the
Veo Connect/Advanced Connect CD. The correct version of the Windows
system files can be found under D:\Microsoft\WinXXXX where XXXX is the
operating system you are using and D:\ is the letter of your CD ROM drive. To
prevent any problems, backup the files that will be replaced before overwriting
the files. These files are also available online at


B. Windows Me:
1) Click on a button named Update Driver. Click this button to update the
2) Make sure Automatic search for a better driver. (Recommended) is
selected, then press Next.
3) Windows Me will then proceed through a detection process, searching for
better drivers.
4) After the detection process you will get this message: