Xirlink Veo Connect/Advanced Connect User Manual

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Microsoft NetMeeting Guide
Microsoft NetMeeting has been included with your camera to provide video-
conferencing capabilities. As one of the most widely distributed and versatile
videoconferencing applications on the market, you will be able to communi-
cate with anyone in the world as long as all parties are connected through
Microsoft NetMeeting. As a result of its large distribution base, you will find
that most owners of a pc camera will already have some exposure to the soft-
ware and probably own a copy.

Although this is an excellent program to become acquainted with, it can be
rather complicated the first time you set up a conference. To ensure that you
obtain the most from your camera experience, we have compiled this brief
instruction guide to help you get started.

However, since this is a Microsoft program we cannot offer any support for
this product beyond what is outlined in this guide. To obtain additional assis-