Homepage designer - designing a homepage – Xirlink Veo Connect/Advanced Connect User Manual

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Homepage Designer - Designing a Homepage

1. Click on the Homepage Designer button on the Digital Studio Home
2. Choose to Create A New Homepage or Open A Previously Saved
Homepage Project
. If you choose to open a previously saved homepage

project, you may click on to get the following options:

3. If you are designing a new homepage, select a theme from the left panel,
then select the background for your homepage. Click Continue.
4. Edit your homepage.
(See “Applying Text, Images, Videos, and Animated Characters” on page 26
for more on editing a card).

To add a new page at any time, click [Add A New Page].

Click Continue when you are done.
5. Define your animated characters’ path.
(For directions, please refer to page 28).
Click Continue when you are finished.
6. Select a picture or animated character.

Publish webpage
to your Internet
Service Provider

Save webpage to
your computer