Xirlink Veo Connect/Advanced Connect User Manual

Page 29

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Adding Sound Effects to an Animated Character
You can add a sound effect to an animated character either by inserting a
.wav file from the Sound Effects folder or from your microphone (i.e. if you
want to record your voice).
To insert sound from your microphone, click the From Microphone tab. See
“Recording an Audio Clip” on page 10 for more details on how to record and

edit audio clips. When you are done, click


NOTE: Sound Effects are only applied when the animated character is mov-

ing along its defined path. If you have not defined a path, the sound
effect will be disabled.

Defining the Path of an Animated Character (also works with a still picture).
a) Select the image or animated character that you want to move.

b) Click [Animation Path]. Notice the animated character now follows

the mouse cursor.
c) Select the starting point (where you want the animated character to start
moving from). Hold the left mouse button down, then freely drag the charac-
ter along a path you specify to the ending point (where the character finally
stops at).

Your selected
animated character
will follow this path