Recording an audio clip – Xirlink Veo Connect/Advanced Connect User Manual

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NOTE: Refer to “Configuring Your E-mail Program to Send Files” on page 29

for instructions on how to configure your E-mail program to send video

Video Settings

[Settings] - Click this button to change the settings of your videos. In

order to use the built-in microphone for Veo Advanced Connect, select USB
Audio Device
from the Audio Source pull-down menu.

NOTE: In order for the new settings to take effect, apply before recording.

Recording an Audio Clip

1. Click the Record An Audio Clip button.
2. Adjust the volume using the Microphone Volume Adjustment Bar. Click

[Record] to record your audio. Notice the button turns into [Stop ].

Click the Stop button any time to end recording.
3. After the recording stops, the following buttons will appear on the bottom of
the screen:

[Adjust Volume ] - Adjust volume of audio clip.

[Trim Audio] - Trim the audio clip to the selected size and length.

[Play] - Play the audio clip.

[Rerecord Audio] - Record another audio clip.

Drag to select starting/ending point of audio