Xirlink Veo Connect/Advanced Connect User Manual

Page 38

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the camera angle and focus to ensure a clear picture of you for your videocon-
ferencing partner.
These are the buttons you will use with NetMeeting:

Connecting to another NetMeeting user
There are a few methods to connect to another user who is using NetMeeting.
Connecting to another NetMeeting user is easy via the MSN Messenger ser-
vice, simply download and install MSN Messenger from Microsoft at



. Directions for installing and setting up MSN Messenger

will be shown on the MSN Messenger webpage.

Play/Pause your video

Picture-in-Picture (Only available when connected to another user)

Adjust microphone and speaker volume

Place a call

End a call

Access the Microsoft Internet Directory

Advanced Buttons - These advanced features
include Sharing a Program, Chat,
Whiteboard, and File Transfer. Please refer
to the NetMeeting webpage for more details
and assistance with these features.