Xirlink Veo Connect/Advanced Connect User Manual

Page 19

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Select Scene Duration.

NOTE: Video (.avi) files also have a [Trim Video] button that allows you

to adjust the size and length of the video. Refer to page 9 for more on
how to trim video.

Click Continue when you are done.

4. Select a scene from the bottom and click [Transition Effect].
5. Sample the effects by placing your cursor above each individual effect.
Choose the opening effect (how one scene changes to another).
6. Double-click on the remaining scenes in the Movie Maker, then repeat
steps 4 and 5 above to apply opening effects to the remaining scenes. Click
Continue when you are finished.
7. Select a scene to edit by double-clicking on the scene in the Movie Maker.
Make sure the scene shows up in the Main Screen.
8. Edit the selected scene.
(See “Applying Text, Images, Videos, and Animated Characters” on page 26
for more on editing a scene).
Click Continue when you are done.

Select duration time


- Set background

- Zoom to fit


Save changes

- Remove Audio

(Video files only)