Xirlink Veo Connect/Advanced Connect User Manual

Page 25

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NOTE: When you change the Mute button to , it does NOT remove the

background music. You just will not be able to hear it. To remove the

music entirely, click [Set Background Music] and choose


After you select your music, click Continue.

9. Select opening effect by clicking

[Transition Effect].

10. Choose the opening effect (how one page changes to another).
11. Double-click on the remaining pages in the Homepage Editor, then repeat
steps 9 and 10 above to apply the opening effect to the remaining scenes.
Click Continue when you are finished.

12. a) To preview the page, click [Preview].

b) To save the page for editing later, click [Save].

c) To save the page as a separate file, click [Save As].

13. Choose:
Add a New Page - To add and edit a new page.
Edit Next Page - To edit the next page.
Publish Now - To publish the homepage to your Internet Service Pro-

Publishing the webpage to your Internet Service Provider
To publish your webpage, you need to be connected to the Internet. Fill in the
requested information, then click Publish. You will be prompted to type in
your user name and password to access the site for publishing.