Xirlink Veo Connect/Advanced Connect User Manual

Page 20

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9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 to edit the remaining scenes. When you are fin-
ished, click Continue.

10. a) To preview the complete movie, click [Preview].

b) To save the movie for editing later, click [Save].

c) To save the movie as a separate file, click [Save As].

d) To save the movie on your computer, click Save Finished Movie.
e) To send your movie to a friend:

1) Click E-mail Movie To A Friend.
2) Type in the requested information.
3) The default name given to the movie is Default.wmv. To
rename the movie before sending, click on the words

“Default.wmv” in the attachment text box and click

4) Click to send your movie.

NOTE: Refer to “Configuring Your E-mail Program to Send Files” on page 29

for instructions on how to configure your E-mail program to send mov-