Troubleshooting – Xirlink Veo Connect/Advanced Connect User Manual

Page 45

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The power light does not come on when the camera is plugged in.

Solution: The light will come on when you run any of the camera
applications, but will not turn on if the camera is just plugged in.


Missing Windows system files.

Solution: The Windows system files can be found on the Veo CD. Place the
Veo CD into your CD-ROM drive and browse in the D:\Microsoft\WinXXXX
folder (where D:\ is the letter of your CD-ROM drive and XXXX corresponds to
your version of Windows). Select the files that Windows is asking for and copy
them into C:\Windows\System. Some files may still require the Windows CD.
Contact your computer vendor to obtain a copy of the Windows CD if one did
not come with your computer.


Windows doesn’t detect the camera when you plug it into the USB

Solution: When you plug in the camera after installing the drivers and soft-
ware, Windows will detect the camera and begin installing the drivers for your
Veo camera. If you are getting no response from Windows when you plug the
camera in, this can be a sign that your USB port is not configured properly, is
disabled, or has malfunctioned.

If your motherboard requires a cable to connect the USB port, make sure that
it is plugged in correctly. If you are not sure of the proper configuration, please
contact your system or motherboard manufacturer. If your USB controller is
not listed in the Device Manager, enable it in your system BIOS. Try using
the camera on another system to verify that the camera is working properly.