Movie maker - making or editing a movie – Xirlink Veo Connect/Advanced Connect User Manual

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Movie Maker - Making or Editing a Movie

1. Click on the Movie Maker button on the Digital Studio Home Screen.
2. Choose to Create A New Movie or Open An Existing Movie Or Project.

If you choose to open an existing movie, you can click on to display the

following options:

3. Simply drag and drop videos or pictures from the Gallery Display Panel
into the Movie Maker. The following are buttons used in the Movie Maker
along with their description:

[Back] - Go back to previous screen.

[Continue] - Continue to the next screen.

[Save Finished Movie] - Save your movie at any time in the process.

[Preview Complete Movie] - Preview the movie you have created.

[Add A New Scene] - Add a new video or picture to your movie. You

can either add an existing video/picture from your computer or record a new

Save the movie to

Preview the movie

a specified location