Xirlink Veo Connect/Advanced Connect User Manual

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[Link All Pages] - Check the box to the left if you want all pages to

be linked. Notice that if you check the box to the left of the Link All Pages

icon, it will turn into . It means that all your pages are successfully
linked. When you previewing the webpage, you will see that there are two
arrow buttons on the bottom for easy navigation between pages. If you have
text or pictures on the very bottom, they might be partly covered. Try placing
the text/pictures higher on the page.

[Page Link] - Link an object/image/page to another page.

Linking to Another Page
If you want to include a function on your page that allows you to click on a
text/picture to link to other web pages, follow the steps below:
a) Select the text or picture on the Main Screen that you want to link .

b) Click on [Page Link].

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