Xirlink Veo Connect/Advanced Connect User Manual

Page 15

background image


Click Continue when you are done.
5. Define your animated characters’ path.
(See page 28 for more on how to define the path of an animated character).
Click Continue when finished.

6. Select the background music. Click [Set Background Music].
7. Choose your background music. To listen to the music before selecting,

place your cursor on any one of without clicking.

Click [ Mute] to turn background music on and off.

NOTE: When you change the Mute button to , it does NOT remove the

background music. You just will not be able to hear it. To remove the

music entirely, click [Set Background Music] and choose


After you select your music, click Continue.

8. Click [Transition Effect]. Sample the effects by placing your cursor
above each individual effect.
9. Choose the opening effect (how you want the E-Card to open up). Click

10. To preview the E-Card, click [Preview].

To save the E-Card for editing later, click [Save].

To save the E-Card as a separate file, click [Save As].

11. Type in the requested information. In the Attach Card As pull-down
menu, select A Video (*.wmv) if the person you are sending the card to has
Windows Media Player.