Xirlink Veo Connect/Advanced Connect User Manual

Page 12

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4. Click:

a) - To save your audio clip.

b) - To email your audio clip to another person.

NOTE: Refer to “Configuring Your E-mail Program to Send Files” on page 29

for instructions on how to configure your E-mail program to send audio

Audio Settings

[Settings] - Click this button to change the settings of your audio. In

order to use the built-in microphone for Veo Advanced Connect, select USB
Audio Device
from the Audio Source pull-down menu.

NOTE: In order for the new settings to take effect, apply before recording.

Importing Pictures from Another Source

1. Click Other Source Inputs > Scanner.
2. Select your source, then click Select. Your scanner (or other TWAIN com-
patible device) software will start.

Importing Files to a Folder in the Digital Studio

1. Click Other Source Inputs > File Import.

2. Click to locate the file you want to import.

3. In the Destination pull-down menu, click to select the folder or sub-
folder that you want the file to be imported to.
4. Click OK to import the file to the destination folder.