Luminex xPONENT 3.1 Rev 2 User Manual

Page 65

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Analysis Settings Dialog Box

If you selected Quantitative on the Settings tab, the default analysis formula is 5P
. To change the default, select one of the following from the Method list:

• No Analysis

• Cubic Spline

• Linear Fit

• Logistic 4P

• Logistic 5P

If you selected Logistic 4P or Logistic 5P, select a weight type of either None or 1/y



If you selected Qualitative on the Settings tab, the default analysis is Luminex Qualitative.
Change the default value by selecting either Luminex Qualitative or No Analysis.

Click Apply to All Analytes to apply your selection to all selected analytes. Click OK to
change the default analysis to the analysis you selected. Click Cancel to close the dialog box
without saving. For more information, see the “Analysis Settings” section.

Units - Type the desired units for the analytes in this box.

Count - Type the desired bead count for the analytes by clicking in the Count box. If each
selected bead set does not acquire this number of events, a warning is added to the log that



3.1 Rev. 2