User setup tab – Luminex xPONENT 3.1 Rev 2 User Manual

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Lot and Std/Ctrl Kit Management -

Create Std/Ctrl Kit and Lots

Edit Std/Ctrl Kit and Lots

Delete Std/Ctrl Kit and Lots

Import and Export Data -

Export Batch, Protocol, Std/Ctrl Kit/Lot Files

Import Batch, Protocol, Std/Ctrl Kit/Lot Files

Archiving -



When you perform an action that requires an electronic signature, the Electronic Signature
dialog box opens. The user ID autopopulates. Type your password and any comments. Click
OK to complete the electronic signature, or Cancel to cancel the signature.

Cancel - Cancels changes

Save - Saves changes.

User Setup Tab

Use this tab to create or edit a user account, remove a user from the system, or view a list of
authorized users, along with their profile details.


User Setup Tab

This tab contains the following:

Create New User - Opens the Create User Account screen.

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