System setup tab, Application settings – Luminex xPONENT 3.1 Rev 2 User Manual

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System Setup Tab

Use this tab to configure system settings.


System Setup Tab

Application Settings

These settings change some of the basic ways that xPONENT


works, for graphical user

interface preferences.

Enable Virtual Keyboard - Enables the touchscreen virtual keyboard.

Allow the application to be minimized - Enables minimization of the xPONENT software so
that the computer’s desktop can be accessed. If this check box is clear, the application’s
minimize button will not function.

Ignore user permission when attempting to exit software - Enables the user to exit the
xPONENT software, regardless if permission has been granted in the User Setup tab.

Add header when exporting data from grids - Adds a header row when exporting the data.



3.1 Rev. 2