Luminex xPONENT 3.1 Rev 2 User Manual

Page 68

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Grouping - Selects the sequence in which the replicates are laid out in plate wells. The
options are:

123123123. . . Lays out one of each replicate set at a time in numerical order.

111222333. . . Lays out all the replicates in a set before moving on to the next set in

numerical order.

You can assign the following well commands. Each command is associated with a color.
Click and drag to highlight a series of wells, click a column or row header to highlight the
entire column or row, or click and highlight different wells and then click a command below to
assign that command to all the highlighted wells.

Unknown (U): Yellow

Background (B): Purple

Control (C): Red

Standard (S): Green

Wash (W): Blue

The Delete and Start at Well commands can also be assigned as well commands. Delete
removes the well command for the selected well. The Start at Well command enables you to
begin acquisition at a well other than A1.

NOTE: You should first delete all standards from the plate layout if any of

the standards need to be rearranged, and all controls from the plate
layout if any of the controls need to be rearranged.

NOTE: Wells and commands you assign to the protocol plate layout are

saved into the protocol settings and execute each time you use the
protocol to run a batch. Standards and controls associated with a
given protocol typically remain constant, while the number of
unknown wells often varies. You can assign a specific number of
unknown wells to the plate when setting up a batch.

Routines - Assigns routines



Pre Batch Routine

Post Batch Routine

Plate - Specifies the plate to display in the plate image in the list. Add Plate adds a new plate
to the batch, and Delete Plate deletes the plate highlighted in the list.

Direction - Specifies the direction to run the plate commands. Select horizontally or
vertically. The selected direction also dictates how wells are added to the plate when
assigning multiple unknowns, standards, and controls at one time.

Single Step - Instructs the system to acquire one well and then stop. Use this to ensure the
system is working correctly before you run the whole batch.

Plate Navigation - Displays a smaller plate image for the current batch.

Off Plate Area - Designates an alternate location for maintenance commands in the
Commands: list. Highlight a command, and then click either a reservoir or strip well in the
Off Plate Area to select a location for the command.

Save - Opens the Save Protocol dialog box to save the protocol and or kit.

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