Safety instructions, Correct use – IKA Tube Mill control User Manual

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• The milling tube must only be attached and removed

while the motor is stationary.

Always open the milling tube care-
fully after use, as the material in
the tube may be hot due to trans-

fer of energy during operation. Wear gloves if necessary
or wait for the tube and material cool down.

• The IKA


milling tubes must always be closed during

operation. Switch off the instrument immediately if any
material leaks from the tube. Clean the instrument.

• Observe the operating instructions of the milling tube.
• The temperature of the material for milling must not

exceed 40 °C.

• Only use tubes approved by IKA.

• Only process samples that will not react dangerously to

the extra energy produced through processing. This also
applies to any extra energy produced in other ways, e.g.
through light irradiation.

• Beware of the risk of flammable materials.
Do not operate the instrument in explosive atmospheres,

with hazardous substances or under water.

• The instrument doesn’t start up again automatically fol-

lowing a cut in the power supply.

• Safe operation is only guaranteed with the accessories

described in the ”Accessories” chapter.

• Socket must be earthed (protective ground contact).
• The instrument could only be disconnected from the

mains supply by pulling out the mains plug or the con-
nector plug.

• The socket for the mains cord must be easily accessible.
• The voltage stated on the name plate must correspond

to the mains voltage.

• Protect the instrument and accessories from bumps

and impacts.

• The instrument can only be opened by experts.

Only process dry solid sample with
the device. Never use it for pro-
cessing liquid samples.

Read the operating instructions completely before

starting up and follow the safety instructions.

• Keep the operating instructions in a place where they

can be accessed by everyone.

• Ensure that only trained staff work with the instrument.
• Follow the safety instructions, guidelines, occupational

health and safety and accident prevention regulations.

• The instrument must be supervised at all times when in


• Hearing protection must be worn when working with

the instrument in high speed.

Wear your personal protective
equipment in accordance with the
hazard category of the medium to

be processed. There may be:
- projectile parts
- body parts, hair, clothing and jewelry getting caught.

• Set up the instrument in a spacious area on an even,

stable, clean, non-slip, dry and fireproof surface.

• The feet of the instrument must be clean and undamaged.
• The instrument is not suitable for hand held operation.
• The instrument may heat up when in use.
• Check the instrument and accessories for damage be-

fore each use. Do not use damaged components.

Please pay attention to avoiding
hand injury when operate the in-

• Ensure that the milling tube is tightly closed.
• Ensure that the milling tube is firmly attached to the cou-

pling connector on the drive unit prior to operating the

• The instrument must only be operated with a milling

tube attached; without a milling tube the instrument
can’t be started.

• Before starting operation, the protective hood of the

device must be closed, otherwise the instrument can
not be started.

Safety Instructions






The Tube Mill control is a batch mill that allows for

both impact milling and cutting milling.
The milling tube closes airtight. This means that the loss
of ground material is equivalent to practically zero.

Correct use

Impact milling:

For use with hard, brittle material, dried material or ma-
terial that is brittle because of cold (for example grain,
coffee, etc.). The granularity of the final product is de-
termined by the duration of the grinding, the level to
which the container is filled and the physical property of
the material being processed.