Interfaces and outputs – IKA Tube Mill control User Manual

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The following table summarize the (NAMUR) commands.

Abbreviation used:
m =

Numbering parameter (integer)

X =



NAMUR Commands




Request designation.
Start the Remote control function.

After this command is sent to device,
“Remote” symbol is displayed, device
Keypad is not available except mains switch
is pressed.


Switch to normal operation

Device Keypad is available again, and
"Remote" symbol disappear.


Read actual speed value


Read target value input

Remote control

The instrument can be operated in “Remote” mode via
USB interface using labworldsoft


laboratory software. The

USB interface is located on the right side on the device and
can be connected to a PC using the supplied USB cable.

Note: Please note the system requirements as well as the

operating instructions and help section included within
the software.

USB Interface

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a serial bus system used to
connect the device with the PC. Devices that support USB
can be connected to each other whilst they are running
(hot plugable) and provide automatic recognition of the
connected devices and their properties.
Use the USB interface in conjunction with labworldsoft


for operation in “Remote” mode.


Connect the device to the PC using the supplied USB data
cable. The device will then transmit information to the
Windows operating system to tell which device drivers are
required. Windows will then either:
- Load the driver


- Install the driver automatically if not already installed.
- Prompt the user to perform a manual installation.

Interfaces and outputs

Command syntax and format

The following applies to the command set:

- Commands are generally sent from the computer (Master)

to the device (Slave).

- The instrument sends only at the computer’s request.

Even fault indications cannot be sent spontaneously from
the instrument to the computer (automation system).

- Commands are transmitted in capital letters.
- Commands and parameters including successive parame-

ters are separated by at least one space (Code: hex 0x20).

- Each individual command (incl. parameters and data)

and each response are terminated with Blank CR Blank
LF (Code: hex 0x20 hex 0x0d hex 0x20 hex 0x0A) and
have a maximum length of 80 characters.

- The decimal separator in a number is a dot (Code: hex 0x2E).

The above details correspond as far as possible to the rec-
ommendations of the NAMUR working party (NAMUR
recommendations for the design of electrical plug con-
nections for analogue and digital signal transmission on
individual items of laboratory control equipment, rev. 1.1).

The NAMUR commands and the additional specific IKA


commands commissioning serve only as low level com-
mands for communication between the tube driver and
the PC. With a suitable terminal or communications pro-
gram these commands can be transmitted directly to the
tube driver. The IKA


software package, Labworldsoft



provides a convenient tool for controlling tube driver and
collecting data under MS Windows, and includes graphi-
cal entry features, for motor speed ramps for example.

Dry ice cooling (CO



First put the feed product into the milling tube and then
add about half a teaspoon of dry ice snow. Thoroughly
mix the dry ice with the mill feed.

Please note that the mill feed heats up again extremely
quickly during crushing (it may reach room temperature
again after approximate 30 seconds of grinding). You may
have to repeat the process several times if the product is
not adequately crushed after one cooling process.