Unpacking, Useful information – IKA Tube Mill control User Manual

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Cutting milling:

For usage with soft, fibrous grinding material (for example
hay, paper, etc.).
In this case as well, the granularity of the final product is
determined by the duration of the grinding, the level to
which the container is filled and the physical property of
the material being processed.

Intended use: Tabletop device

The Tube Mill control is not suit-

able for grinding wet materials
with too much water. Otherwise,

the water may leak from the grinding tube and damage
the drive unit.

• Unpacking

- Please unpack the device carefully
- In the case of any damage a detailed report must be sent

immediately (post, rail or forwarder).


• Delivery scope



Tube Mill control

- Two MT 40 milling tubes

- Coupling extractor
- Mains cable
- USB cable
- Operating instructions
- A warranty card.


• Range of use (indoor use only)

- Laboratories

- Schools

- Pharmacies

- Universities

This equipment is suitable for use in all areas except:
- Residential areas
- Areas that are connected directly to a low-voltage supply

network that also supplies residential areas.

The safety of the user cannot be guaranteed:
- If the instrument is operated with accessories that are not

supplied or recommended by the manufacturer

- If the instrument is operated improperly contrary to the

manufacture’s specifications

- If the instrument or the printed circuit board are modified

by third parties.

Useful information

The Tube Mill control instrument can be used for a wide

range of applications. The list of grinding materials given
below is not complete. It is possible to expand the range
of applications further by means of grinding experiments
with corresponding grinding procedures and sample prep-

Impact milling:

The milling tube for the Tube Mill control instrument

with a beater can reduces soft, medium hard and brittle
materials with a Mohs’ hardness of up to 5. For greater
levels of hardness, the wear and tear on the pulverization
tool is very high and the plastic coupling can break.
Everything that is brittle, dry, and does not have a high fat
content can be ground. Following is a list of substances
that can be ground dry:
Wheat, barley, corn, malt, pectin, roasted coffee, nut-
shells, bones, ergot, compressed materials, peat, cellulose,
pharmaceutical, fertilizers, feed materials, spices, resin,
potash, seeds, salts, cinders, tablets.
The grinding material must be initially broken down into
pieces with max. diameter of 1 cm (feed granularity 10
mm, the size of a grain of corn is ideal). The total volume
of grinding material should not more than 40 ml.

Cutting milling:

The milling tube for the device can also crush bulky, elastic
fibrous and soft materials with high cellulose content. Fol-
lowing is a list of some materials that can be crushed:
Leaves, fibers, hops, cardboard, paper, hay, plastics, to-
bacco and roots.
The feed granularity should be no greater than 10 mm.

Note: Materials that are not listed should only be ground

in the Tube Mill control after consult IKA



support, especially if there is uncertainty about the dan-
ger of explosion (dust explosion as a result of electrostatic

Working with coolants:

Please follow the safety instructions.
Crushing causes the mill feed to heat up. This may not al-
ways be desirable as the mill feed can change when heat-
ed (e.g. increased oxidation, loss of moisture, evaporation
of volatile components, etc.).

It can be possible to dry crush mill feed which is viscous or
has a high fat content by embrittling using coolants.