Operating machine, Operating the machine – SINGER 1200 Athena User Manual

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operating machine


® Push the machine piug into the machine


« Connect the power-Hne piug to your eiectn-

cai outiet

To turn on the machine and set speed range,

push the power and light switch to desired
speed. This will also turn on the sewing light.

• The SLOW setting A (switch pressed in

halfway) allows for maximum control. Use
this setting for special jobs such as button
sewing and buttonhole making, decorative
patterns, bobbin winding, and where Intri­
cate details require close control,

• The FAST setting B (switch pressed In all

the way) allows for full speed capacity of the

machine. It is best for long, straight seams,

easy-to-handle fabrics, and general sewing
where a variety of speeds are needed.

CAUTION: We recommend that you turn off

the power and light switch before changing

neadies, presser feet or plates ana when leav­
ing the machine unattended. This eliminates the

possibility of starting the machine by acciden-

tafiy pressing the speed controller.


run the ríiachine, press the foot or knee

speed controller. The


you press, the

faster the machine wili sew within the
selected speed range. The


you press,

the slower the machine will sew within the
selected speed range.

s0ower and Li^ht Switch


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