Ionograrri’^ in ìlaìht2s#zai'lìnb sticbl, Lthe...édnogram in plain zig-zag stitch – SINGER 1200 Athena User Manual

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Many decorative stitch patterns can be used

for monograms and motifs — to add a per­
sonal touch to jacket yokes, for example, or

for initialing household linens. You can buy
designs or create them yourself to suit the
stitch pattern you wish to use.

Very simple straight-line monograms can be

made with the plain zig-zag stitch, or you can

create a motif by ar.^'anglng individual pattern
units to form a design. (Detailed information
on pattern repeat button on page 21.)

When you use a decorative stitch pattern to
form a motif, your machine will autom.atically

be programmed to start at the beginning of the
pyramid, bead, or whatever pattern you have


^ionograrri’^ In Ìlaìht2S#Zai'lÌnB Sticbl

Insilai In Plain Zig-Zag and Bead Stitch

::Lthe...Édnogram in Plain Zig-Zag Stitch