SINGER 1200 Athena User Manual

Page 19

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To start sewmg, puli thread back under

presser foot and cut. Place threads diagonally
under foot to left side, position needle In

fabric where desired, lower presser foot and
start machine.


Remo¥ing tlie BoiJbin

Raise media and take-up lever to its highest

position by turning the hand wheel toward you.

1. Open slide plate; move bobbin iatcn to left.


2. Remove bobbin by Inserting finger

rim of bobbin.

Replacing an Emptf Bobbin

1. Slip bobbin (thread slot on top) Into bobbin


2. Move bobbin latch to extreme right (wind


® Leave slide plate open until you have

finished winding the bobbin.

J^erngving;: Sobbin;:

Thread Slot

Removing Tbread from Bobbin

You can leave the bobbin in plaoe while
removing thread. With slide plate closed, pull

thread end through the plate with a steady

motion. Do not pull the thread across the feed

as this may damage It.

Bepisacing EmptytSdfebifs