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« Si:ten: zig-zag §
« Stitch width: to suit fabric

» Stitch length; to suit fabric
a General purpose needle plate
® General purpose foot

Too Tight

» Rotate the group selector dial (A) to the right

as far as it will go. The zig-zag symbol wil

now appear in the yellow field above patterrt

selector button |S).

® Press pattern selector button {8). A red light

will appear above the zig-zag syrrsboi to indi­
cate that machine is ready to produce a

basic zig-zag stitch at maximum stitch width

and medium stitch lenath.



To change stitch length or width see page

22 in Chapter 3. Electronic Sewing.

Zig-Zag stitching usually requires less nee-
die-thread tension than straight stitching. Be
sure your machine is threaded correctly and

make a test sample v^ith the fabric and thread

you plan to use so that you can adjust tension
to suit the stitch pattern you have chosen. The
stitches should lie flat against the fabric with­
out causing the fabric to pucker.

the fabric is

tne$ are not



puckered, lower the needle-thread tension
turning the dial to a lower number.