SINGER 1200 Athena User Manual

Page 83

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e Bobbin has not been wound beyond the

FULL ring.

• Presser bar has been iowered (particulariy

when sewing dense fabric or doing free-mo-
tion darning and embroidery).

Loose irregular straight stitches.

Make sure . . .

e Needle thread has sufficient tension. (See

page 26.)

« Needle plate and presser foot are correct for

fabric being sewn.

Fabric does not lie flat after stitching.

Make su.^-e - . .

9 Needle-thread tension Is light enough. (See

page 28.)

« There is sufficient presser foot pressure to

hold fabric. (See page 46.)

9 Stitch length is short enough for fabric. (See

page 22.)

Correct presser foot is being used.

Machine is correctly threaded. (See page


Fabric does not move properly under presser


Make sure . . .

9 P.-esser bar pressure is correct for fabric

being stitched. (See page 46.)

9 Presser foot or accessory Is correctly at­

tached to machine. (See page 7.)

9 Lint has not accumulated around feed.


Hand wheel difficult to turn over manually or
increase in operating noise level.

Make sure . . .

9 Bobbin case and feed area are free of ilnt

and loose thread ends.