SINGER 1200 Athena User Manual

Page 33

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1. For example. If the stitch length control on

your machine is set on 2 the machine will
sew approximately 12 stitches to the inch
for straight seams. Adjust the control bet­
ween 1 .S to 2 or 15 to 20 stitches per inch

to stitch curved seams in the same fabric.

2. if you use the seam guide, attach it at an

angle so that the edge that is closer to the

needle acts as a guide.



1. Stitch to the edge of the fabric. (Do not sew

beyond edge of fabric)

2. Press reverse stitch button and hold in

place. Backstitch approximately 1/2-inch
(1 -3cm) to reinforce end of seam. Release
reverse stitch button.

3. Raise needle to its highest position by

turning hand wheel

toward you

and raise

presser foot. Remove the fabric by drawing
it to the back and left.

4. Cut threads on thread cutter at rear of

presser bar.

Stitching a Curved Seam


r V


l^everse Stitching