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b o b b i u

You wiH find a bobbin in place under the slide

piate of your machine. (To open shoe piafe,

simpiy draw it gerttiy toward you.) if the bob­
bin runs out of thread during sewing, you can

rewind it without removing it from the
machine. The window in the slide piate iels

you see bobbin-thread supply at a glance, to

help avoid running out of thread in the middie

of a seam.

Preparation Steps

® Raise the needie and iake-uo lever to high­

est position by turning the hand wheel

toward you.


Raise the presssr foot to release tension


® Open slide piate and make sure bobbin is

empty. For removal of bobbin and thread,
see page 17.

1. Rotate group selector dial to right until

blindstitch symbol ^ appears in the yellow

field above pattern selector button,

2. Activate blindstitch ^ by pressing button

under the graphic on stitch panel.

3. Then press pattern repeat symbol 0 to

stop needie from its up and down motion.


ensure a smooth flow of thread

from the


spool to the bobbin.

Detailed information on seiecting stitches is
found on page 20.

Winding Steps

1. ypve bobbin latch A to extreme right (wind


2. Draw needie thread back between toes of

presser foot, under left side of prssser foot

then up, into and around thread retainer.

Start machine, running it at a moderate

3. Puli thread end away alter it has separated

from bobbin.

« Watch the bobbin as it fliis. Do not allow

thread to wind beyond the outside FULL
ring B.

4. Close slide piate to release bobbin latch to

sewing position.