SINGER 1200 Athena User Manual

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Method Mo. 2 — Overedged Seam Finish

Overedged Fmish

Stitch: zig-zag $ or muiti-stitch zig-zag >
Stitch width: to suit fabric
Stitch length: to suit fabric
General purpose rseedie plate

Genera! purpose foot

1. Adjust stitch length and width if necessary.

2. Trim seam edges evenly.

3. Place stitching over the trimmed edge of

the seam allowance as illustrated.


• Stitch: zig-zag g

® Stitch width: narrowortosuitfabrlc
« Stitch iength: to suit fabric
« General purpose needle plate
e General purpose foot

To make a lingerie seam durable and flexible,

use the plain zig-zag stitch at a narrow width

setting. This seam treatment is particularly
suitable for bias seams. When seaming nylon
tricot, insert a

Yellow Band

needle in the

machine before you begin to sew.

® St.>'alghi-stitch the seam on wrong side of


• Press both seam allowances in the same


« From the right side, topstitch with narrow

zig-zag stitching, letting the needle alter­

nately enter the seam line and the seam


Lingerie Seam