SINGER 1200 Athena User Manual

Page 73

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A buttonhole length should be just long
enough to allow the button to slip through the
opening without stretching it,

« Estimate the proper buttonhole length by

measuring the width plus the thickness of

the button.

o To make sure the measurement is correct,

cut a slit in a scrap of fabric equal to the
diameter of the button you intend to use.

« increase length of opening until button slips

through easily.

This test is particularly advisable for buttons
of unusual shape or thickness.

^tarking Lines

putting Space

Side Stitching


It is almost always advisable to use an inter­

facing in the buttonhole area. An interfacing

holds the fabric firmly so that a neat but­

tonhole may be stitched and keeps the
finished buttonhole In shape, interfacing is
essential when the fabric is loosely woven or

is a crepe or knit that stretches easily.

When planning your garment, remember that

bar tack buttonholes are stitched through

three thicknesses of fabric — garment, inter­
facing and facing —after the facing has been


Testing Suîtonhole Length