SINGER 1200 Athena User Manual

Page 87

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No. 160891

The Quoting foot is especially well adapted to
stitching lightly padded fabrics. It is excellent
for the placement of straight stitching in

block, floral, or scroll designs. This short,
open foot permits following curved lines with

ease and accuracy.

No. 81 200

The binder foot is used to apply ready-made

bias tape or unfolded bias binding to an un­

finished edge. It can also be useful for binding
seam edges that might ravel.

The Even Feed Foot

No. 506415

The even feed foot is a perfect aid for stitch­

ing difficult to match fabrics such as plaids

and stripes and dlfficuli-to-fesd fabrics such
as fabrics that have a pile, nap or a shiny sur­
face. All these fabrics can be sewn without

puckering and slipping.