Method 2 – SINGER 1200 Athena User Manual

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Method 2

l^ock Overedge

This finish is appropriate for bulky knits, fine
tricots and fabrics that curl or fray.

Method 2

Make a test sample.

Baste the garment together on the seam line

and fit in the usual way.

After making any necessary adjustments,
suggested in Method 1, place seam under
foot. Stitch so that the stitches on the left sice
of the pattern penetrate the basted seam line.

Press after stitching and trim away excess
fabric to produce a narrow seam. edge. When
the seam supports the garment, omit the trim­
ming step and press seam open in the usual


Mock Overedging

Overedged Seam Finish


Stitch: overedge stretch stitch ^

o Stitch width: 5 onlyt
® Stitch length: to suit fabric and effect
« General purpose needle plate
a Cveredge foot
« Speed range: SLOW

Adjust stitch length to suit your fabric.

Trim seam edges evenly.

Place stitching over the trimmed edge of the

seam allowance as illustrated.

Overedged Seam Finish

tif a narrower stitch width Is desired, as for overedging

fine fabrics, use the general purpose foot in place of the
overedge foot.