SINGER 1200 Athena User Manual

Page 82

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Bobbin displaced during winding.

Make sure . . .

« Bobbin is being wound a! SLOW speed


® Bobbin is properiy seated and secured by

the iatch in the bobbin case.

Thread breaks on sewing starts after winding

Make sure . . .

® Bobbin has not been wound too fuH (beyond

the FULL ring). Turn handwheei away from
operator to free over wound bobbin. (See
page 16).

o Bobbin case area is free of iint and iocse

threads. (See page 82.)

(Turn to page 16 for bobbin information.)


Needle thread breaks.

Make sure . . .

® Machine is properiy threaded.

® Thread is unwinding freeiy from spoci.

® Thread spool is seoured by correct holder.

® Thread is even and free from knots.

(Turn to page 14 for additional information.)

® Needle Is correct size for thread.

® Needle Is straight and sharp.

(Turn to page 6 for additional information.

® Needle thread tension is not too tight. (See

page 26.)

« Bobbin is oorrectiy inserted in machine.

(See page 1 7.)

® Bobbin rim is free of nicks.

* Needis- plate hole and presser foot are un­


« Threads are correctly placed under presser

foot when starting to sew, (See page 1 6.)

® Presser foot is securely fastened to presser

bar. (See page 7.)

(Turn to page 7 for accitionai information.)

Bobbin thread breaks.

Make sure . . .

«> Bobbin has been correctly wound.

® Bobbin case area Is free of iint.

® Bobbin has been correctly inserted into

bobbin case.

® Bobbin has not been wound too full.

(Turn to page 7 for additional Information.)


Skipped stitches.

Make sure . . .

® Needle is straight and sharp.

♦ Needle Is correct style for machine and size

of thread (See page 12).

« Machine is orooeriy threaded. (See cage

1 4


«> Fabric Is held down firmly (particulariy when

doing free-motlon darning and embroidery),

* Correct presser foot and needle plate are

being used.

Loose stitches on underside of fabric.

Make sure . . .

« Needle is straight and sharp.

® Needle Is correct style for machine and size

for thread (See page 12).

® Sufficient tension is being exerted on nee­

dle thread. (See page 26.)

e Bobbin case area is free of lint.