Attaching blindstitch hem guide – SINGER 1288 User Manual

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Removing and Replacing the

Button Foot and Presser Foot Shank

• Raise needle to highest position by turning the hand

wheel toward you.

• Raise the presser foot.

• Loosen presser foot screw A and remove the shank

B, guiding it to the right.

• To replace the accessory, hook shank around the

presser bar and tighten the presser foot screw.


Insert the edge of a coin in the seat of the

presser foot screw to loosen it and tighten it securely.

Attaching Blindstitch Hem Guide

• Raise presser foot, loosen presser foot screw and

slip blindstitch hem guide between screw and shank
of the general purpose foot.

Be sure underside of the guide clears the slide plate

and front of foot.

Tighten screw with a coin.