Pattern stitching, Selecting a stitch, Changing pattern discs – SINGER 1288 User Manual

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5. Pattern Stitching

Selecting a Stitch

Your sewing machine comes with eleven pattern discs

which will allow you to produce a variety of stitch patr

terns by simply inserting the disc of the pattern desired.

Each pattern disc is numbered and has the stitch

printed on its surface to aid your selection.

Choose a stitch that best suits your sewing applica­
tions. For additional information on stitch pattern

usage, refer to the next page.

Changing Pattern Discs

1. Move the stitch width selector to its straight stitch


2. Raise pattern disc lid A and pull up on the disc re­

lease bar B.

3. Remove the pattern disc.

4. To replace a pattern disc, be sure that the num­

bered side of disc is face up and that the notch in

the centre of the disc fits over the positioning key


on the disc holder D.

• Push disc down firmly.

• Disc will click into place when inserted correctly.