Stitch pattern discs, Stitch pattern chart – SINGER 1288 User Manual

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General Purpose Foot and General Purpose

Needle Plate are on your machine when deliv­

ered. Use them tor alternating between straight

and zig-zag stitching.

B . Spool Pin is used for twin-needle sewing.

C. Small Spool Holder for use with small diameter

spools of thread.

stitch Pattern Discs

The following stitch pattern discs are included in your

accessory set. Sewing application information for
each disc may be found on page 48.

Basic Zig-Zag Disc 1

(in place on your machine when delivered.)

Multi Stitch Zig-Zag Disc 2

Arrowhead Stitch Disc 5

Domino Stitch Disc 6

Banner Stitch Disc 10

Key Stitch Disc 11

Walls of Troy Stitch Disc 12

Solid Diamond Stitch Disc 13

Pennant Stitch Disc 17

Ball Stitch Disc 19

Curved Mending Stitch Disc 20

Spiny Stitch Disc 25

Block Stitch Disc 26

Faggoting (Feather Stitch) Disc 27

Elastic Stretch Stitch (Alpine) Disc 37

Blindstitch Disc 350

Crescent Stitch Disc 351

Solid Scallop Stitch Disc 352