Face plate area, Bobbin and feed areas, Exterior areas – SINGER 1288 User Manual

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Face Plate Area

To clean | and oil A the front interior of machine,

remove screw from face plate. With a soft cloth or lint

brush, clean and oil points indicated by arrows. Re­
place face plate and screw.

Bobbin and Feed Areas

To clean bobbin and feed areas, remove needle plate,
as instructed on page 14 . Remove bobbin case as in­
structed on next page. Using soft cloth or brush, clean
area as illustrated. Replace needle plate and bobbin
case, as instructed on pages 14 and 80.

Exterior Areas

If necessary, a mild solution of soap and water may be

used on exterior areas to remove stubborn stains. No

other cleaning liquid or powder should be used.


Do not attempt to adjust the motor belt.

Contact your nearest Service Centre should any ad­

justment be required.