Applications, Darning with an embroidery hoop, Quilting – SINGER 1288 User Manual

Page 35: Preparing the fabric, Basic procedure

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Darning with an Embroidery Hoop

• Needle Position: JL E -I

Stitch Width;

Q] I I 1 1

• No Presser Foot

• Snap-in Feed Cover

• Embroidery Floop Designed for Machine Use

• Position work under needle and lower presser bar.

• Flold needle thread loosely with left hand, turn hand

wheel toward you, and draw bobbin thread up
through fabric. Flold both thread ends and lower

needle into fabric.

• Stitch across opening, moving hoop under needle

at a slight angle from lower left to upper right. Keep

lines of stitching closely spaced and even in length.
When opening is filled, cover area with crosswise
lines of stitching.


Quilting is the art of stitching two or more thicknesses
of fabric together in a planned design. A padding is
stitched to the underside of the fabric to produce a
soft, puffed effect that is becoming to some wearing
apparel and to many fabric furnishings.

Preparing the Fabric

Baste a light padding of cotton flannel, synthetic quilt

batting, sheet wadding, or a lightweight wool interlin­

ing to the underside of the fabric. When using sheet

wadding, first back it with voile, batiste, or net to pre­

serve the sheet wadding through wear. Baste the lay­
ers of fabric and padding together on the lengthwise
and crosswise grains.

Basic Procedure

• Draw both threads under the foot and diagonally

across feed to left.

• Position the needle, lower the foot and start stitching.