Twin-needle stitching, Procedure, Twin needie stitching – SINGER 1288 User Manual

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8. Twin-Needle Stitching

Twin-needle sewing capability has been built into this

sewing machine. The twin-needle simultaneously
produces two parallel, closely spaced lines of pattern
stitching. You can stitch with either one or two colours
of thread.

• Stitch: Pattern desired

• Needle Position: J. «L only


stitch Width:

U ] t

• Stitch Length: .5-4 to suit fabric

• General Purpose Needle Plate

• General Purpose Foot


Do not use a stitch width greater than

what is recommended. A wider stitch will result in

needle breakage.


• Insert twin-needle.

• Thread as for single-needle stitching and through

eye of left needle.

• Insert a second spool pin with felt washer into hole

on the top cover of machine, as illustrated.

• Place second spool of thread on this spool pin and-


• Thread the machine in the usual way with the sec­

ond spool of thread, making certain to omit the

thread guide above the needle and pass thread
through eye of right needle.