Accessories – SINGER 1288 User Manual

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The accessories provided with your sewing machine

are designed to help you do many kinds of sewing

1. Transparent Bobbins (No. 172336)

2. Singer* Needles

• Style 2020 for general sewing.

• Style 2045 for sewing knits, stretch fabrics and


• Style 20251 for twin-needle decorative stitching.

3. Button Foot holds most flat buttons securely for


4. Zipper Foot for inserting zippers and stitching

corded seams.

5. Blindstitch Hem Guide. Use this with the gen­

eral purpose foot to position and guide the hem.

6. Buttonhole Foot-is used to make bar tack but­

tonholes in four steps.

7. Straight Stitch Foot and Straight Stitch Needle

Plate are used when your fabric or sewing pro­

cedure requires close control. These accessories
are recommended for all straight stitch sewing.

8. Special Purpose Foot. Use this for all kinds of

decorative stitching.

9. Snap-in Feed Cover for button sewing, free-

motion work and darning.


Use this needle with the general pur­

pose needle plate and general purpose or special pur­
pose foot only. Do not use any other accessories with

this needle as needle breakage will occur.

To ensure that you are always provided with the most

modern sewing capabilities, THE MANUFACTURER

reserves the right to change the appearance, desigp

or accessories of this sewing machine when con­

sidered necessary.