Zipper insertion, Adjusting the zipper foot – SINGER 1288 User Manual

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Zipper Insertion

How the zipper is inserted will depend on the type of

garnnent and the location of the zipper. With the adjust­

able zipper foot, you will find it easy to sew an even

line of stitching close to the zipper. For instructions On
inserting zipper foot on machine, see page 10.

Needle Position:


Stitch Width; □ Hii

Stitch Length; To suit fabric

General Purpose Needle Plate

Zipper Foot



The zipper foot can be used either to the left or right
of the needle, depending on where the teeth of the

zipper are placed.

Adjusting the Zipper Foot

When the zipper is to the right of the needle:

A. Attach right side of zipper foot to shank (needle will

enter right notch in foot).

When the zipper is to the left of the needle;

B. Attach the left side of zipper foot to shank (needle

will enter left notch in foot).