Removing and replacing bobbin case – SINGER 1288 User Manual

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Removing and Replacing Bobbin Case


Before removing bobbin case, dis­

connect the power-line plug from the socket out­


The bobbin case is manufac­

tured from a special phenolic compound specially
designed to provide smooth friction-free sevving.

With proper handling the bobbin case will give you

years of reliable, trouble-free sewing. The bobbin

case is the most important part of your sewing

machine. Please handle with care and do not

force when removing and replacing it.

• Turn hand wheel toward you to raise needle to its

highest position.


Open slide plate, remove needle plate and

remove bobbin.

2. Insert screwdriver into bobbin case holder A and

turn it toward the rear as illustrated.

3. To remove bobbin case:

• Insert index finger into centre of bobbin case.

With index finger and thumb gently lift and

push bobbin case away from you until the case

is released from holder.

4. To replace bobbin case:

• Insert index finger into centre of case and grip

with thumb above the screws. Gently slide the
flat tab at the rear of the bobbin case under­

neath the curved section of feed B while main­

taining slight upward pressure, then slide bob­

bin case all the way to the rear. Lower the bob­
bin case and draw it toward you so that tab



positioned under plate D. Gently wiggle case to

insure proper seating in the rim of the rotating

hook. In this position bobbin case should be

free to float slightly from side to side.

• When you are sure bobbin case is properly

seated lock case into position by turning holder
Aback,as illustrated.

Replace bobbin, needle plate and close slide