Changing the light buib, Replacing the slide plate – SINGER 1288 User Manual

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Changing the Light Buib


Before changing light bulb make sure

you have disconnected power line plug from socket

outlet. This machine is designed to use a 15-watt max­
imum bayonet base bulb only.

The screw iocated on the machine face plate must

be removed before the face plate can be opened.

• Remove face plate.

• Do not attempt to unscrew the bulb.

1, Press it up into the socket and at the same time turn

bulb over in direction shown to unlock the bulb pin
and guide out of^ socket.

• Press new bulb into socket, with bulb pins enter­

ing slot of socket.

2. Turn it over in direction shown to lock bulb in


• Replace face plate.

Replacing the Slide Plate

You will not have any occasion to remove the slide
plate. However, if it should accidentally become dis­
engaged from the machine, it is easily replaced.

• Raise the presser foot and make sure needle is in its

highest position.

• Place slide plate in slide way with the front edge

close to, but not covering, the retaining spring (as

• With a small screwdriver, lift each end of the spring

into each of the side grooves on the underside of the


• Draw the plate gently toward you and fully engage

the spring.

• Close slide plate.