The bobbin thread, Winding the bobbin, Preparation steps – SINGER 1288 User Manual

Page 21: Winding steps

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The Bobbin Thread

Winding the Bobbin

Preparation Steps

1. Raise the presser foot and turn hand wheel toward

you until needle is in highest position.

2. Loosen hand wheel knob A by turning it toward you

with the right hand while holding hand wheel with

the left hand.

3. Place thread spool on spool pin with thread retain­

ing slit B to the right. (Break paper at the end of

spool if necessary.)

• Place spool holder C on spool pin and press firmly

against the thread spool.

Winding Steps

• Snap thread into thread guide post D and open top


• Lead thread around bobbin winder tension disc E,

as illustrated, and through small hole in bobbin from

inside out.

• Place bobbin on spindle and move bobbin winder

F to right.

• Hold thread end and start the machine. Cut off

thread end after a few coils have been wound.

• When required amount of thread has been wound

(winding will stop when bobbin is full) stop machine
and cut connecting thread.

• Move bobbin winder to the left and remove bobbin.

• Hold hand wheel and tighten hand wheel knob.