Patchwork quilting – SINGER 1288 User Manual

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Patchwork Quilting

• Stitch; Domino Disc 6

• Needle Position: L [X] J.

• Stitch Width: i

I I I [jj

• Stitch Length: .5 to 1

• General purpose needle plate.

• General purpose foot or special purpose foot.

Patchwork for quilts and wearing apparel formerly put

together with hand stitching, can be quickly pieced
and decorated at the same time by using the domino

stitch. Joinings are both flexible and durable when

this method is used.


• Cut a fabric underlay to size. Baste a light layer of

padding to underlay if a quilted effect is desired.

Prepare patches, turning under 6 mm (1/4 inch)

seam allowance. On non-woven fabric this step is

not necessary.

Baste patches to underlay in arrangement desired,

butting all edges.

Stitch in lengthwise and crosswise rows, allowing
stitches to straddle patches.