Sewing a seam – SINGER 1288 User Manual

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Sewing a Seam

1. Select straight stitch and set the stitch length dial

on desired setting. Raise presser foot. Pull thread

back under presser foot leaving at least 10cm
(4 inches) of thread.

2. Position needle approximately 1.3cm (1/2 inch) from

fabric edge. Then lower presser foot and backstitch
almost to the edge of the fabric for reinforcement
by stitching in reverse direction. For additional in­
formation on reverse stitching refer to page 28.
Stitch forward to end of seam and stop machine
before the end of stitching line. (Do not sew beyond
edge of fabric.)

CAUTION: Do not pull the fabric while you are

stitching as this may deflect the needle causing it

to break.

3. Raise needle by turning hand wheel toward you.

Press reverse stitch push button, and back stitch

1.3cm (1/2 inch) to reinforce end of stitching.

4. Raise needle by turning hand wheel toward you.

Raise foot and remove fabric by drawing if to the

back and to the left. Cut threads on thread cutter at

rear of presser bar.