Setting selectors, Adjusting stitch length, Setting the dial – SINGER 1288 User Manual

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Setting Selectors

Before you move the selectors to set your machine for

straight stitching, turn the hand wheel toward you until
the needle is above the needle plate.

• Needle Position: L



• Stitch Width.

□ I l i i

• Stitch Length; 1.5-4 to suit fabric

Straight stitching can be performed with any one of

the stitch pattern discs in place and stitch width lever
at j only.

Adjusting Stitch Length

The stitch length dial controls the length of stitches.

The numbers around the edge of the dial express

stitch length in mm; the lower the number, the shorter
the stitch. Generally, shorter stitches are best fdr light­

weight fabric. The area from 0 to 1 is used for the
adjustment of zig-zag satin stitching (see page 40).

Setting the Dial

• Turn dial so that stitch length desired is positioned

under symbol.

• To shorten stitch length, turn dial toward a lower


• To lengthen stitch length, turn dial toward a higher


For reverse stitching, depress push button located in

centre of dial, hold in until reverse stitching is com­

pleted, then release push button.