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Operating Machine

Connecting Machine

Before plugging in your machine, be sure that the volt­

age and number of cycles indicated on the electrical
nameplate A, conform to your electrical power supply.

If your speed controller cord has a motor discon­
nect plug,
push plug B into the receptacle at the right

end of machine. Then connect plug C to your socket


If the speed controller cord is wired directly to the
motor, simply connect plug C to your socket outlet.

CAUTION: Disconnect the power line plug from the

socket outlet when changing needles, feet, or needle

plates or when leaving the machine unattended. This

eliminates the possibility of starting the machine by
accidentally pressing the speed controller.

If your machine has a sewing iight switch, press or

turn switch on the machine, as required.

if machine has a three-position switch:

• The OFF setting (switch moved to O symbol).

• The MIN. setting (switch moved to — symbol) al­

lows the maximum control for special jobs.

• The MAX. setting (switch moved to = symbol) al­

lows for full speed capacity of the machine.

To run the machine and controi speed, press the
speed controller D with your foot. The harder you
press, the faster the machine will sew. To stop ma­
chine, remove foot from controller.

CAUTION: Because of the up and down movement

of the needle, you must work carefully and watch the
sewing area when operating the machine.