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Intellinav se User’

s Manual

The Intellinav system gives you many ways of looking at
the map. You can see your current position, view any of
the turns on a route, or pan the map to view other areas.
You can zoom in and out, and find information about
specific locations.

Map View

The map view on the Intellinav system shows your
current location.

At the bottom of the map is a scale indicating your
current zoom level. On the upper right is the compass.
On the center right and left are zoom in and out
buttons, respectively.

Maneuver Detail

If you have set a destination, the map displays additional
information. As you navigate to a destination, the top of
the map displays the name of the next street, the
direction of your next turn and the distance to the turn.
At the bottom of the map you see the estimate of how
much time remains before arriving at your destination,
the remaining distance to your destination, and your
current speed.

On the upper left is an arrow indicating the direction and
the type of maneuver ahead, as well as the remaining
distance to the next maneuver. A smaller arrow
represents the following maneuver.


Panning the Map

You can pan the map by tapping and dragging the map.
To return to the regular map view, tap the X

X button.

Working with the Map