Intellinav SE User Manual

Page 33

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Intellinav se

There are two orientation settings. Heading turns the
map as you drive so that you are always moving toward
the top of the screen. North keeps the map oriented with
North at the top of the map, like a traditional paper map.

There are two guidance settings, which control whether
or not the maneuver detail screen appears when you
near your next maneuver. If you use the auto setting, the
maneuver detail screen appears.

The day/night setting controls the background of the
screen. If you choose auto, the Intellinav system will
automatically switch to a darker version of your color
scheme soon after sunset, to reduce the glare in the
vehicle. You can also choose to use either the day or
night setting at all times.

There are three options for displaying POI icons. If you
choose default, the most commonly displayed
categories of POI icons will appear on the map at zoom
levels of 1000 ft and closer. If you choose off, no POI
icons are displayed. If you choose custom, you can
choose which categories of POI icons you want

The color settings control the background color of the
map. You can choose from four different colors.
The 3D view settings control your view of the map. Off
shows you the map in traditional 2D mode. High,
Medium, and Low show you a 3D version of the map,
with a different angle for each value. If you use any of
the 3D settings you will not be able to tap on a location
to view location information.